What to know about unveilings


An unveiling is a ceremonial dedication of the headstone at the grave of a loved one. The main purpose of this is to mark the final resting place of the deceased and honor their life. An unveiling can take place anytime 30 days after the funeral. Traditionally, many people wait 11 months to one year as it marks the end of the formal mourning period. Monument dealers may need several months to prepare a memorial.

After scheduling an unveiling through JCAM, the family should inform the monument dealer of the unveiling date and coordinate the “veiling” or covering of the stone. While some monument dealers may veil the stone themselves, not all of them do this. Based on the dealer chosen, families may have to veil the monument themselves. JCAM recommends placing the veil as close to the start of the ceremony as possible. For more information on the unveiling process, please contact JCAM at (617)-244-6509 x105.

To download a copy of our Suggested Order of Prayers for an Unveiling pamphlet, click here.