Restoration Projects

Restoration of Sons of Abraham Chapel on Baker Street
The historic chapel at the Sons of Abraham cemetery is more than 100 years old. The restoration of this chapel started in 2022 and will continue into 2023. The roof and windows have been fully replaced and now JCAM is taking on other restoration work for this chapel.

Landscape Design and Beautification of Cemeteries
JCAM is in the process of doing an expert landscape redesign at its Centre and Grove Street cemeteries in West Roxbury and Lindwood Memorial Park in Randolph. This redesign includes the interfaith section and front of Lindwood Memorial Park.

Interior Temple Ohabei Shalom Chapel Restoration
JCAM took on the Temple Ohabei Shalom Cemetery over 20 years ago. JCAM has spent many years restoring the outside of this historic chapel. In 2022, JCAM was awarded a preservation grant to make the inside of the chapel structurally sound. This project has been completed and it is JCAM’s hope that eventually this historic chapel will be a place for the community to enjoy.

Damaged Stones from Storm
JCAM’s Temple Ohabei Shalom cemetery suffered damages after a storm that happened December 2022. A large tree was uprooted and fell into the cemetery, destroying several stones. JCAM is in the process of fixing these stones and returning them to their former glory.


Jcam cemetery

JCAM's Wayland Cemetery

Beit Olam East Cemetery, Wayland


Prayer Garden

Beit Olam East Cemetery, Wayland


Prayer Garden Chapel

Quincy Hebrew Cemetery, Baker Street, West Roxbury

Baker Street

Cemetery Entrance

Mohliver Cemetery, Baker St,  West Roxbury