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The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts owns and manages more than 125 cemeteries throughout the Boston metro area including the City of Boston, East Boston, Northshore, South of Boston, Metro West and beyond.

JCAM’s cemeteries serve the diverse Massachusetts Jewish community and some offer sections that can accommodate interfaith families. Grave sales help to sustain the care and maintenance of JCAM’s historic cemeteries. Please direct any questions or grave sales inquiries to our associates at (617)-244-6509 ext.2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of monuments am I allowed to install?
Subject to JCAM’s cemetery regulations, families can choose what type of monument or marker they wish to install at a loved ones gravesite. In some cemeteries it is possible to reserve an entire lot with a central family marker or monument and smaller markers at individual gravesites.

What are my options for payment?
JCAM accepts multiple forms of payment including checks, credit card or a monthly payment plan via electronic payment authorization. Please contact our office for further details.

Are graves accessible?
Graves are located throughout different parts of our cemeteries with varying accessibility. Our newer cemeteries have paved walking paths, seating areas and other accessible features. Some areas, especially in our older, historic cemeteries are more difficult to access. Please contact a JCAM team member to discuss our many accessible options.

When is the right time to purchase a grave?
Families choose to purchase graves at different moments in the life cycle. JCAM encourages pre-planning but also assists in cases of an immediate need.

What do I need to bring with me to purchase a grave?
Purchasers should bring a valid form of payment and an ID to complete a transaction on site. They will need to provide details such as the grave purchaser’s mailing address, email address and phone number. If the grave will be used by someone other than the purchaser, the purchaser should provide the name and contact information of the person designated to use that grave. All of the information provided will be reflected in JCAM’s grave purchase documents.