Genizah – Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts


As a service to the community, JCAM collects, stores and annually buries thousands of worn-out prayer books, Torah scrolls, prayer shawls and other sacred materials containing the Hebrew name of G-d (Shemot). The facility we store these items is called a Genizah, “hiding place.” We treat the materials with dignity, care and bury the materials from the Genizah.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you bring your items? The JCAM Genizah is located at the Pride of Jacob Cemetery Chapel, 39 Jeshurun Street, West Roxbury, 02132. You must make an appointment with JCAM to drop off items to the Genizah. Please call Cantor Alan M. Kritz 617-244-6509 ext. 103. Items to be dropped off at the Genizah are normally scheduled for one day per month (except in Winter). However, the next drop off date will occur in July (date to be determined).

What items are considered “sacred”?
Torah books, Bibles, Scrolls, Passover Service (haggadot), Grace After Meals (benchers), Tefillin, Talitot, Mezuzot, Torah mantles/sashes and any items that have been in direct contact with a Torah scroll. Pages or papers with Torah portions and/or the Hebrew name of G-d are also considered holy and we ensure that these items are treated with the respect our tradition accords them.

What items are NOT considered sacred?
Anything that does not contain the Hebrew name of G-d. This includes books, schoolwork and photographs.

We ask for an $18 per box or bag donation to help us defray the cost of sorting, transporting and burying these sacred materials and disposing of non-sacred items.
Click here to make your payment online or you may bring a check made out to the JCAM Charitable Foundation.