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Celebrating Our Diversity Together

As you know, on Sunday, November 6th, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts held its first multicultural, community event at our historic Ohabei Shalom Cemetery on Wordsworth Street in East Boston called “Celebrating Our Diversity Together.” The event was a...

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(JCAM) Dedicates First COVID-19 Memorial

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM)Dedicates First COVID-19 Memorial Memorial honors the stories of those lost during the pandemic and their loved ones For immediate Release - 7/16/2020 Boston, MA—In a peaceful corner of Boston, a new granite...

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Agudath Israel is the newest cemetery that was brought Ito the JCAM family. 6 months ago, an elderly gentleman came to JCAM and said he couldn’t manage the cemetery anymore and his family is buried there. This is not an uncommon way that JCAM is asked to take on a cemetery.


JCAM only recently discovered there are many children buried within the Sons of Benjamin cemetery who died during the 1918 influenza pandemic.

This cemetery is a labor of love, because no child should be forgotten. Here is what the graves look like now!

Ever wonder how JCAM keeps its more than 125 cemeteries clear of snow? Our dedicated team of caretakers are working hard to make sure they stay accessible. These photos are from the most recent snow storm! #Jewish #snow #snowstorm


JCAM's Hanukkah Donation Match is here! On each of the 8 nights, as we light a candle, the Selwyn Foundation will match all unrestricted donations made to the JCAM Charitable Foundation, between now & December 31, 2023

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