Professional Team & Board Members

Meet JCAM’s Professional Team

JCAM is proud of its hard working team of professionals. The day-to-day work of caring for more than 125 cemeteries calls for skill, expertise, patience and dedication.


Jamie H. Cotel
Executive Director

Steven R. Burns
Director of Cemetery Management

Daniel Ward
Supervisor of Cemetery Operations

Lisa D. Berenson
Director of  Development & Educational Programing

Cantor Alan M. Kritz
Director of Field Services

Cory Nevins
Associate Director of Client Relations & Data Information

Akin Ladele
Sales Associate

Julie Raymond
Sales Associate

Officers & Board Members

President: Dr. Judith E. Selwyn

Vice Presidents:
Scott A. Joseph
Jay P. Sage
Stephen P. Hamburger

Treasurer: Howard J. Hirsh

Clerk: Sander A. Rikleen

Assistant Clerk: Laurence K. Richmond

Advisory Board:
Betty Ann Blum
Cindy A. Spittel