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JCAM’s Helping Hand Fund

Helping Hands

JCAM’s Helping Hand Fund assists families and individuals in need. The fund helps those in need by donating graves free of charge and in some cases, buries individuals at a discount to families. JCAM works with clergy, funeral homes, cemetery caretakers and monument dealers to provide the respect and dignity that every person deserves. 

JCAM is the only Jewish cemetery association that provides this level of community service to the needy. For this important program to continue helping those most vulnerable in our community, we ask for your help in partnering with us by making a generous donation. Your generosity helps those who can no longer help themselves. Below are some FAQ’s about the program. To donate, please visit here.

Thank you for your generosity. The JCAM Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Frequently asked questions about the “Helping Hand Fund.”

I know someone/a family who may qualify, what should I do?
If you know someone that you think may qualify, you can have them contact JCAM at 617-244-6509.

How many people/families does the Helping Hand Fund help?
JCAM’s Helping Hand Fund tries to help as many individuals and families as we can each year. However, funds are limited. With increased donor participation, more funds would be readily available to help those truly in need.

Is there a Helping Hand cemetery?
No, there are no specific Helping Hand cemeteries. JCAM owns and manages more than 125 Jewish cemeteries and donates graves on several of its cemeteries throughout Massachusetts.


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