How to Dispose of Sacred Items

You own or receive Jewish Sacred items that you no longer want, need or can use. What do you do with them?

As a service to the community, JCAM collects, stores and annually buries thousands of worn-out prayer books, Torah scrolls, Prayer Shawls, tefillin, and other sacred materials containing the Hebrew name of G-d (Shemot) received from individuals, Jewish Religious institutions and organizations. The facility we store these items is called a Genizah (literally, hiding place).

We treat the materials as we do the human body–with dignity and care. Just as we bury bodies to be returned to dust, so it is with the sacred items brought to the Genizah.

Where do you bring your items? The JCAM Genizah is located at the Pride of Jacob Cemetery Chapel, 39 Jeshurun Street, West Roxbury 02132. (hyperlink to google maps)
The Sacred Item burial occurs once a year and will be announced on all our social media outlets.

When can you bring your items? Depending on the time of year, drop-off times are the first Wednesday of each month from 10am to 12pm in intervals of 15-minute appointments. For the month around the High Holydays, drop-off will be available every week.

Click to view the Schedule and sign-up to Drop-off (hyperlink to a event scheduler) or Call Noah Horowitz at 617-244-6509 ext. 105 to make an appointment.

We ask for an $18 per box donation to help us defray the cost of sorting, transporting and burying these sacred materials and disposing of non-sacred items (faq genizah link).

Click here to make your payment online or you can bring a check made out to the JCAM Charitable Foundation

Click here for an explanation of Sacred items

Volunteer Opportunities (when Covid is under control)

Many items that are brought to the Genizah are in new or slightly used condition or are not a sacred item. This creates several volunteer opportunities. (Click here to volunteer for any pf the following)

  • Sorting items into for burial, for free library, for donating to another community, for annual Tent Event and for discard
  • Finding a community for books in good condition
  • Help in shipping books
  • Assisting at the annual Tent Event or stocking the marketplace
  • Day of the Burial