Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground


Established in 1851, The Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground is the second-oldest Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts. On this site, there were more than 1,400 souls, mostly children, who were buried in unmarked graves. They are known as the “forgotten children”, many less than the age of 5 years old when they passed. Many of the immigrant children were victims of common early childhood diseases that today, because of advanced medicine, have been eradicated.

JCAM has been working for many years to restore this once abandoned Jewish cemetery, and turn it into an historic Jewish landmark and tourist destination dedicated to the long forgotten children resting there. Since the rededication of the cemetery in 2013, JCAM has brought dignity to the final resting places of those children, though our “Brick-by-Brick” campaign.

JCAM provides small brick markers that include the name, age and date of death of each child. The bricks line the walkway of this cemetery, leading to the children’s memorial garden. Your donation of $118 ensures that a child resting in an unmarked grave will be forever memorialized. The outpouring of kindness and interest from the community in this “mitzvah” project has been wonderful, but we still are far from our goal of ensuring that each forgotten child will have a memorial brick.

Visitors can walk through the cemetery on a self-guided tour and learn about the history of this cemetery.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor one or more bricks, please click here to download an order form. To learn more about this mitzvah program, contact Lisa Berenson at JCAM, 617-244-6509, Ext. 102.