Five Jewish cemeteries have merged into the JCAM family this year.

  • Pride of Brockton Cemetery – Stoughton
  • Mishkan Tefila Cemetery – Centre St., West Roxbury
  • Mishkan Tefila Memorial Park – Centre St. West Roxbury
  • Old Hand in Hand Cemetery – Centre St., West Roxbury
  • New Hand in Hand Cemetery – Centre St., West Roxbury

The Pride of Brockton Cemetery, located on South Street in Stoughton, Massachusetts was established by the Pride of Brockton Lodge in 1901. Ms. Harriet Robie supervised the cemetery with dedication and was involved with its management for over 50 years. We are honored to have the Pride of Brockton Cemetery be part of JCAM.

Both Mishkan Tefila Cemeteries along with the both Hand in Hand Cemeteries, are located on Centre Street, West Roxbury and have been under the direction of Congregation Mishkan Tefila for decades. We are honored to include these four historic Jewish cemeteries into the JCAM family.

These five additional cemetery acquisitions continue to make JCAM the largest communal cemetery organization in the U.S, owning 123 Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our cemeteries and fulfilling our mission of “Chevrat K’vod Hamet” (the society that honors the deceased).

Pride of Brockton
Hand in Hand
Mishkan Tefila
Pride of Brockton