Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground

Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground

Rededication Event: Sept. 22, 2013

Flowing Into Cemetery

Skies went from cloudy (with some rain) to bright and sunny on this important Sunday in New England... specifically in Malden, MA, the heart of the Mystic River Jewish Community circa 1920, the days of immigration for many Jewish families.

JCAM rededicated the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground here after years of planning and restoration work to restore dignity to the small, but important cemetery that had been run-down and, well, forgotten.

Here, we provide some of the information presented at the rededication ceremony.


Stan Kaplan's Opening
Remarks Which Set
the Accomplishment
in Historical Perspective


Sander Rikleen's Comments
on the history of Jewish Cemeteries
in Massachusetts and Jewish Culture

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Honor Guard at Ceremony

The Malden Police Honor Guard presented the local and state colors prior to the rededication ceremonies.

Visitors Flood Cemetery

Attendees flood the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in the bright sunshine that broke out after speeches and prayers under grey skies Sunday morning, Sept. 22, 2013. The ceremonies officially rededicated the second-oldest Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts.

Empty Cemetery

A beautiful peacefulness fell over the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden, MA just prior to the ceremonies to rededicate it in memory of "the forgotten children" ... more than 1200 of the 1400 souls buried there. Memorial bricks honor those in unmarked graves.

Flocking In

Streaming into the rededicated Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground are the 100+ people who attended the ceremonies on Sept. 22, 2013 in Malden, MA. It celebrated a return to dignity for this historic Jewish cemetery.


State Treasurer Steve Grossman, a longtime supporter of JCAM and the Greater Boston Jewish community, spoke emotionally of the importance of the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground to the Boston immigrant experience and its significance for the future.

The Malden Police Honor Guard graced the opening of the rededication ceremonies at the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden, MA. The restoration was done by the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts, but with a lot of help and support from the City of Malden.

Jewish VFW Rep

Harold Blass, Malden Post 74 Jewish War Veterans USA. The local Post cared for the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground for a number of years and was very pleased with JCAM's restoration.

Malden Mayor

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson was a featured speaker at the rededication ceremonies for the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground on Sept 22. 2013.

Priest Visits Jewish Cemetery

A priest strolled the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground just prior to the rededication ceremonies in a soft drizzle which later gave way to bright sun.


Reading the historical detail on one of the several information kiosks throughout the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground. Self tours are easy with this information at hand.

Repaired Stones

Several monuments have been carefully restored after years of neglect and damage.

Repaired Stone White

Close-up of a monument repair that has restored dignity to the few marked graves among the 1,400 at Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden, MA.

Barry Shrage

Barry Shrage, President of Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

Marshall Sloane

Marshall Sloane, CEO of Century Bank & Trust Company, spoke at the ceremonies. His family dates to the communities along the Mystic River that was the Jewish Community of Boston during the early years of the 20th century.

Placing Memorial Stones

Placing stones on many of the markers was this quiet, solemn visitor during the rededication ceremonies and self-tour of the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground.