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JCAM has designed a variety of educational programs that include cemetery educational tours and presentations for synagogue youth and adult education groups.

Please call Lisa Berenson, 617-244-6509 for more information or to schedule a tour/presentation.

Cemeteries Are for the Living

Educational tours – held upon request at Baker Street (West Roxbury). Each tour includes a visit to the Community Genizah & Education Center. Tours are also held at the Ohabei Shalom Cemetery (East Boston—the 1st Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts) and Woburn Jewish Cemeteries (Woburn). Tours are available Sundays and weekdays.

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Community Genizah
& Education Center

Visit our repository for unused or worn Hebrew books and religious items prior to book burial. It's located at the Sons of Abraham Chapel on the Baker Street Cemeteries (rededicated in 2015). An interactive slide presentation is also available at the Education Center for tours when inclement weather prevents a physical tour from being conducted.

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Metrowest Jewish Community

We offer cemetery tours at the historic Framingham/Natick Jewish Cemetery. Over half of our tours are from synagogues in the Metrowest area! Our Metrowest tours are partially funded through a grant awarded to us from CJP’s Metrowest Jewish Community Fund.

Historic Ohabei Shalom Cemetery & Chapel – East Boston Center Presentation

Brought to adult audiences interested in learning about JCAM’s restoration project at the Ohabei Shalom Chapel and cemetery in East Boston. The East Boston Immigration Center will be the new home of the history and experiences of the Boston Jewish communities that thrived along the Mystic River. A video/slide presentation is available as well as a cemetery educational tour.

Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground, Malden

A visit to the second-oldest Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts. This tour is for adults only. This cemetery is the resting place of 1,400 souls, 1200 who were children under the age of 20, most in unmarked graves. Once an abandoned cemetery, JCAM restored and rededicated the cemetery in 2013, installed a new children’s memorial garden. The walkway of the cemetery is lined with names of the children who are resting in unmarked graves.

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Jewish War Veterans

Flag Day Project – A new educational initiative started in 2009 that brought synagogue youth groups to several Jewish cemeteries where they placed American flags at the graves of Jewish War veterans in time for Veterans Day. The children learn that American Jewish soldiers helped liberate concentration camps during WWII and Jewish soldiers today continue to serve their country in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The event impresses upon children the importance of honoring Jewish soldiers both fallen and those still serving our country. Although not every Jewish cemetery can be visited, JCAM hopes to bring even more groups to Jewish cemeteries in the future to continue this mitzvah project. Contact Lisa Berenson, Director of Educational Programming & Development  at 617-244-6509 or lisaberenson@jcam.org


Yom HaShoah

Commemoration each spring

Our meaningful YomHaShoah commemoration brings area youth and adults from schools and congregations to the Holocaust Memorial on the Polonnoe Cemetery, Baker Street, West Roxbury.

The program begins with each participant reading the name of a child who perished in the Holocaust. As an act of remembrance, they each placed a visitation stone at the memorial, recited Kaddish and then went on to participate in a cemetery tour. Groups find this event deeply important and moving.


Virtual Classroom Tours

JCAM offers virtual "Cemeteries Are for the Living" educational tours to synagogue youth and adult education groups directly from the classroom. While this is especially useful during the winter months, when cemetery visitation is difficult, it can be done anytime! Learn how Jewish cemeteries were established and by whom, what makes a Jewish cemetery Jewish, why we bury sacred materials, and much more.

Useful Articles

In an effort to enlighten the community on what Judaism has to say on topics such as Jewish cemetery, burial and mourning customs, we have compiled a variety of articles specifically geared to answer some of your questions. Click links to learn more: