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JCAM is a 501(c)(13) cemetery association for the Jewish communities of Massachusetts, while honoring the dead in accordance with Jewish religious practices, traditions and beliefs. JCAM is committed to the maintenance and security of the existing and abandoned cemeteries under its care and provides continuity of their operation. The preservation of JCAM cemeteries includes the maintenance of assets, archives and records. JCAM educates the public through heightened awareness of the social, cultural and historic elements of Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts.

The Jewish Cemetery
Association of Massachusetts
(JCAM) Dedicates First
COVID-19 Memorial


COVID-19 Memorial
Covid Memorial

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Celebrating Our Diversity Together

As you know, on Sunday, November 6th, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts held its first multicultural, community event at our historic Ohabei Shalom Cemetery on Wordsworth Street in East Boston called “Celebrating Our Diversity Together.” The event was a...

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(JCAM) Dedicates First COVID-19 Memorial

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM)Dedicates First COVID-19 Memorial Memorial honors the stories of those lost during the pandemic and their loved ones For immediate Release - 7/16/2020 Boston, MA—In a peaceful corner of Boston, a new granite...

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As Rosh HaShanah approaches tonight, JCAM wishes you a safe, healthy and meaningful holiday season. We take this time in wishing you peace and goodness in the coming new year 5784!

JCAM’s CEO, Jamie Cotel, met up with other Jewish CEO’s in Boston to discuss how they can continue their collaborative work through their organizations! #boston #jewish #jewishboston

Restoration in full swing! Check out the work Epoch Preservation is doing to repair our Ohabei Shalom Cemetery! A huge tree fell down last December, causing a lot of damage to our property. Big thanks to them for repairing the damages!


Did you know JCAM is revamping its website? Take a look at our new homepage! The website will be launching soon with an updated look at everything JCAM does as an organization and for the community! #Jewish #jewishculture #jewishcemetery

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