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Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground

Before & After Photos, Malden, MA


View From The Hill-- Before and After

A view from the upper rear of the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground, before and after the restoration. The first photo was taken in the early spring of 2013 before work began and the second was take in late August just prior to the rededication. You can clearly see the new central walkway, and several repaired headstones.

Front Fence A Proud Protector

From Lebanon Street, the cemetery looked tired and undignified. Now a proud entryway to a rich Jewish legacy is a fitting memorial the families of those who lost children after coming to America.

Front Fencing and sign upgraded

Another view from Lebanon Street shows very few headstones, many broken. The restoration included repairs to many stones and a central walkway lined with memorial bricks to the many indigent children whose families could not afford a memorial.

Stairway widened and rebuilt

The once hazardous wood and stone stairway leading to the upper level of the cemetery has been restored and repaired with a new granite design.

New Walkway After Restoration

A barren front entrance is now brightened by a children’s memorial garden and sculpture. Brick pavers inscribed with the names of the forgotten children line the sides of the walkway leading to the upper level.

Headstone repair before and after... Bella Steinberg

Many broken and downed headstone were repaired as part of the overall restoration.  There are only 150 memorials as the cemetery was the final resting place for Boston’s poorest Jewish immigrants, many of whom could not afford to erect a monument.

Headstone repair before and after.. Ida Traiger

Some severely damaged headstones were recovered and repaired with great craftsmanship and care..




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