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Frequently Asked Questions:

Purchasing a Cemetery Lot

How do I decide which cemetery?

At first glance, the process of narrowing down the choice of cemeteries from the list of more than 160 appears to be confusing. The first criterion that most people apply is their desire to purchase lots on the same cemetery as their relatives or with their synagogue community. However, personal preference also enters the decision. Explore the following questions:

  • Do you want a cemetery with upright monuments or a memorial park with flat markers only?

  • Do you want the cemetery to be located in an area that is close enough for family or friends to visit easily?

  • Do you want a cemetery with a strong religious affiliation, one with more of a secular connection or one that appeals to your sense of history or tradition?

  • Is there a cemetery that reflects your particular heritage (ex. Custom Tailors, or cities such as Kovner, Vilno)?

  • If you still can not determine a preference, would it help to visit different cemetery areas until you find one that appeals to you?

JCAM staff members are willing to assist you by guiding you through the decision or by meeting you on site at a cemetery.

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How do I decide where within the cemetery?

Choosing the particular lots within the cemetery is also a personal choice. Some people are very specific and may walk or pace the available graves until they discover the “right” one. Some people want to be near a walkway, others want to be further from the sidewalk. Under a tree or away from the tree can be considerations. Locations can be chosen from a map or on site at the cemetery.

JCAM will send/fax you a map or meet you at the cemetery in order to choose your location.

When should I purchase a cemetery lot?

Again, there is no specific answer to this question. Some people choose to purchase lots as they get older, others prefer to make arrangements at a young age. Still others prefer to wait until the lots are needed. Whenever you are ready, JCAM will assist you.

How many lots should I purchase?

This is a difficult question to answer. JCAM has worked with purchasers who wish to provide for their families, including future generations, by arranging a family lot of eight, ten or twelve graves. Others prefer to limit their purchase to single lots or two, for spouse and lot owner. There is no right answer to this question. However, JCAM encourages everyone to explore the question of “how many” with their family members before making arrangements.

How do I arrange for the purchase?

Please start by contacting the JCAM office. Our professional staff members will guide you through the process of choosing the location, answering your questions and making arrangements for your purchase.

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