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Jewish Cemeteries

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Attleboro, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Cong. Agudas Achim/DodgevilleSynagogue
Beverly, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Sons of AbrahamTemple B’nai Abraham/ Cong. Sons of Abraham1945
Boston/East Boston, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Temple Ohabei Shalom  HistorySynagogue1844
Boston/West Roxbury, MA -- Baker St. Jewish Cemeteries
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
AbramsonFraternal Circa 1928
Agudath IsraelSynagogue1920s
American FriendshipFraternal1920s
Atereth IsraelSynagogue1920s
Beth ElSynagogue - Fowler Street1920s
Boylston LodgeKnights of Pythias Lodge1920s
ButrimantzyButrimanz, Lithuania Circa 1934
Chevra ShaasSynagogue Circa 19241
Cong. Anshe Sfard   Map   DirectionsSynagogue, Roxbury Circa 1928
Crawford Street Memorial Park HistoryCong. Beth Hamidrash HagadolCirca 1925
Custom TailorsFraternal Circa 1927
David Vicur CholimFraternal1920s
Hebrew VolinVoline, Ukraine Circa 1923
HRCA Memorial ParkHebrew Home for Aged1920s
Independent Pride of BostonFraternal Circa 1937
Independent Workmen’s CircleFraternal Circa 1929
KaminkerKaminker, Poland1920s
Kehillath JacobSynagogue, Mattapan Circa 1945
KopaigorodKopaigorod, Russia Circa 1928
KoretzKoretz, Ukraine1935
KovnerKovno, Russia Circa 1939
Lawrence AvenueSynagogue, Roxbury1920s
Lord RothschildBalfour Declaration cowriter1920s
Mohliver HistoryFraternal Circa 1925
New PalestineLawrence Ave. Shul Circa 1935
OlitaOlita, Poland Circa 1942
Or EmetTemple Emeth, Chestnut Hill2012
Ostro Hebrew Marshoe HistoryPoland Circa 1938
Polonnoe   HistoryPolonnoye, Russia Circa 1939
Pride of LibertyFraternal1920s
Pultusker   HistoryPultusk, Poland Circa 1939
Puritan-Mt. Sinai/Pride of LibertyFraternal Circa 1926
Quincy Hebrew Society   HistoryFraternal Circa 1935
Roxbury Lodge (IMAS)Fraternal Circa 1926
Shara TfiloSynagogue, Roxbury1920s
ShepetovkaShepetovk, Poland1920s
Sons of AbrahamUnknown Circa 1939
Staro KonstatinovCity in Ukraine Circa 1937
StepinerUnknown Circa 1936
Temple Emeth Memorial ParkSynagogue1920s
VilnoVilna, Russia Circa 1927
ZvillerZhvil, Ukraine Circa 1931
Boston/West Roxbury, MA -- Centre St. Jewish Cemeteries
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Anshe DowigDowig, Lithuanialate 1800s
BresnaBresna, Poland1920s
Cong. Beth IsraelSynagogue, North End
Cong. Chai OdomSynagogue, Dorchester/Brighton
Chevra ThillimSynagogue
New Hand In Hand Fraternal
Old Hand In HandFraternal
Heirs of Morris GreenhoodFamily Established
King Solomon Memorial ParkKnights of Pythias Lodge
Mishkan Tefila Cemetery Synagogue
Mishkan Tefila Memorial ParkSynagogue
Sharei Sedeck
Boston/West Roxbury, MA -- Edgemere Rd. Jewish Cemeteries
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Har MoriahNew part of Moses Mendelsohn1922
Moses MendelsohnFraternal Order/Free Sons of Israel1917
Boston/West Roxbury, MA -- Grove Street and Jeshurun Street Jewish Cemeteries
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Adas YisroeilSynagogue1917
Adath JeshurunBlue Hill Avenue Shul1909
Beth Abraham1918
Hebrew ProgressiveFraternal1912
Jewish Benevolent (prev. First Boston Austrian-Hungarian Assoc.)Fraternal1896
Jewish Civil Service EmployeesFraternal
Ohavi SedeckFraternal1896
Pride of Jacob (prev. Sons of Jacob)Fraternal1890
Shari Jerusalem (prev. Anshe Vilkomer)Cong. Anshe Vilkomerer/Bas Hatfila1894
Siskind Family PlotFamily Established
Sons of BenjaminFraternal1883
Tifereth IsraelFraternal1881
Young IsraelAgudas Achim Synagogue, Brookline
Brockton, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudas Achim/Chevra TillumSynagogue
Plymouth RockCommunal
Temple Beth EmunahSynagogue
Temple IsraelSynagogue
Chelmsford, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Temple Beth El / T.I. AndoverTemple Beth El Cemetery1890
Chicopee, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Rodphey SholomCongregation Rodphey Sholom1905
Sons of ZionCongregation Sons of Zion1894
Clarksburg, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Beth Israel CemeteryUnited House of Israel & Chevra Chai Odom1893
Danvers, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Ahabot ShalomSynagogue1966
Anshai Sfard of LynnSynagogue
Chelsea JCCFraternal1948
Chesed Shel Emeth
Ezrath Israel of MaldenSynagogue
Farband Cemetery (Jewish Nat’l Workers)Fraternal1950
Roumanian AmericanFraternal1940
Sons of Jacob of SalemSynagogue1898
Temple Beth Sholom of PeabodySynagogue
Temple Emanu-El of MarbleheadSynagogue
Temple Emmanuel of ChelseaSynagogue
Temple Sinai of MarbleheadSynagogue
Everett, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudas SholomWalnut St. ShulEarly 1900s/Chelsea
Ahavas Achim/Anshe SfardRevere1920s
BessarabianBessarabia, Austria/Hungary
Beth Israel1914
BirsenBrotherhood Fraternity of South Shore
B’nai Israel of BeachmontRevere Shul
Chebra Kadisha of Chelsea
Chevra Chai OdomShomer Shabbat1914
Chevra Thilim of MaldenMalden Shul
Chevra Tilim/Boston
Chevra MishnasRabbi Twersky
Dorchester Hebrew Helping HandFraternal
Guard of Moses
Jewish Deed HoldersSocialist Organization
KlevanerKlevaner, Russia
Knights of ZaslavZaslav, Belarus
Liberty ProgressiveSocialist Organization
Linas Hazedek #1 (Bikor Cholim)Chelsea synagogue
Linas Hazedek #2 (Bikor Cholim)Chelsea synagogue
MishnaChelsea synagogue (Orange St. Shul)
N. Russell St./Chevra ThillimSynagogue, West End
Netzah IsraelRebbe Korff
New Jewish DeedholdersSocialist Organization
New Tifereth Israel Everett Memorial Parkfor T.I. Synagogue
Old Tifereth Israel EverettSynagogue
Old Tifereth Israel WinthropSynagogue
Poali ZedeckChelsea Synagogue1941
Rabbi Isaac ElchononFraternal Lodge
SudlikovSudlikov, Ukraine1950s
Temple Beth Shalom of CambridgeSynagogue
Temple Tifereth Israel of RevereSynagogue
Fall River, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Hebrew CemeteryHebrew Cemetery Assoc. Late 1800’s
Fall River, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudas AchimShomer Shabbos1913
Fall River, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Temple Beth El CemeteryTemple Beth ElEarly 1900’s
Falmouth, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Falmouth Jewish CemeteryFalmouth Jewish Cong.1993
Fitchburg, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudas AchimCong. Agudas Achim1912
New Agudas Achim Section2002
Gloucester, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Mount Jacob Cemetery
Greenfield, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Greenfield Heb. Cong./ Temple IsraelFirst Hebrew Cong. of Greenfield1924
Haverhill, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Children of IsraelChildren of Israel1890
Lawrence, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Ansha SholumAffil. w/Cong. Beth Israel, Andover1910
Children of AbrahamAffil.w/Cong. Beth Israel, Andover1910
Essex County LodgeFraternal1920s
Jewish War VeteransFraternal1920s
Sons of IsraelAffil.w/Cong. Beth Israel, Andover1910
Tifereth Anshai SfardAffil.w/Cong. Beth Israel, Andover1910
Workmens CircleFraternal1920s
Lawrence, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Temple EmanuelSynagogue1920s
Lynn, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Ahavath Achim/Anshe SfardSynagogue
Chevra Mishna of ChelseaSynagogue
Pride of LynnFraternal
Malden, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground (formerly Maplewood)Synagogue/Abandoned1851
Melrose, MA - Broadway (Rte. 99)
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudas Achim of MaldenSynagogue
Hadrath IsraelSynagogue
OnikchtyTown in Poland
VilkomirVilkomir, Russia
Workmen’s CircleSocialist Organization
Melrose, MA - Linwood Ave.
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
NetherlandsDutch Fraternal Organization1859
Natick, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Framingham-Natick Jewish Cemetery  History Fraternal 1909
New Bedford, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Ahavas Achim (Orthodox) Ahavas Achim  Syn. 1898
B'rith Abraham    
Chesed Shel Emet 1898
Temple Sinai    
Tifereth Israel Synagogue 1898
Workmen’s Circle Fraternal 1898
Northampton, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
B’nai Israel1905
Hebrew Society Cemetery1890
North Reading, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Cong. Beth Israel of MaldenSynagogue
Cong. Ahabat Shalom of Lynn City LodgeFraternal
Peabody, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Lebanon-Tifereth IsraelFraternal
Maple HillFraternal
Oak Hill / Chevra KadushaFraternal
Temple B’nai Brith of SomervilleSynagogue
Temple Shalom MedfordSynagogue
Workmens CircleFraternal1949
Temple Beth El Synagogue of Swampscott/Cong. Shirat Hayam
Temple IsraelSynagogue
Pelham, NH
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Montefiore CemeteryMontefiore Synagogue or Israel Brotherhood Society1876 – 1893
Pittsfield, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Ahavath Sholom Cemetery    
Anshe Amunim Cemetery    
Knesset Israel Cemetery Synagogue 1900
Old Knesset Israel Cemetery    
Randolph, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Kehillath IsraelSynagogue
Lindwood Memorial ParkAffiliated with K.I. Brookline
Moses MendelsohnFraternal
Temple Emanuel Memorial ParkSynagogue, Newton
Temple ReyimSynagogue, Newton
Salisbury, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Newburyport Hebrew Cemetery Association1910
Sharon, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Sharon Memorial ParkIndepend. Jewish Cemetery1948
Shutesbury, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Jewish Community of Amherst1980
Springfield, MA – Cottage Street
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Sinai Memorial ParkSinai Temple, Springfield1950
See also West Springfield, MA
Springfield, MA – Wilbraham Road Cemeteries
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
City of HomesCity of Homes1902
Sons of IsraelCongregation Sons of Israel1926
Kesser IsraelCongregation Kesser Israel1971
See also West Springfield, MA
Stoughton, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Pride of Brockton LodgeBeth Abraham Lodge1901
Taunton, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Mt. Nebo/Cong. Agudath AchimMount Nebo1906
Mt. Nebo/Cong. Agudath AchimHarmony Park Section1998
Wakefield, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Amos Lodge #27/B’nai BrithFraternal
Lynn Hebrew Benevolent SocietyFraternal
Temple EmanuelSynagogue
Temple Israel (Adath Israel)Synagogue
Waltham, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Beth Israel Memorial ParkSynagogue
Wayland, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Beit Olam  HistoryJCAM Cemetery1999
Beit Olam EastJCAM Cemetery2010
West Springfield, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Beth ElTemple Beth El1912
Beth IsraelCongregation Beth Israel1892
B’nai JacobCongregation B’nai Jacob1907
KodimohCongregation Kodimoh1928
Woburn, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Agudath AchimSynagogue
American AustrianFraternal1923
Anshe LebovitzFraternal
Anshei PolandFraternal
Beth DavidSynagogue
Beth JacobSynagogue
Beth Joseph 1Synagogue
Beth Joseph 2Synagogue
Beth Joseph 3Synagogue
Chebra Kadisha of Chelsea1950s
Chevra Kadusha of BostonFraternal
Chevra Mishnias/Agudas AchimSynagogue
City of Boston LodgeFraternal
Independent Golden CrownFraternal
Independent Pride of BostonFraternal
Kenesseth IsraelSynagogue1897
Knights of LibertyFraternal
Ohel Jacob and East BostonSynagogue
Pride of BostonFraternal
Puritan Mt. SinaiFraternal
Roxbury Mutual SocietyFraternal
Shari JerusalemSynagogue
South Boston LodgeFraternal
Woburn Hebrew CenterSynagogue
Woonsocket, RI
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
B’nai Israel Cemetery  
Worcester, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Worcester B’nai Brith CemeteryB’nai Brith Lodge# 6001925
Worcester/Leicester, MA
Cemetery NameOriginEstablished
Chevra Kadisha/ Holy SocietyChevra Kadisha1910
Sons of JacobSons of Jacob Synagogue1939
Worcester Hebrew CemeteryShaarah Torah Syn. East1905
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