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Jewish War Vets

Remembering and Honoring
at the Framingham-Natick Hebrew Cemetery

On a bright and crisp Sunday morning, the seventh grade class of Temple Beth Torah in Holliston had the experience of participating in a JCAM Cemeteries Are for the Living educational program at the Framingham/Natick Hebrew Cemetery in time for Veterans Day.

Kids Replaced Flags to Honor Jewish Veterans

The day was made even more special as two veterans – Commander Arnold G. Pinsley and Larry Herson, President of the Framingham Veterans Council of the Jewish War Veterans, Metrowest 157– discussed with the class the role of the Jewish War Veterans and the importance of honoring and remembering those who sacrificed and dedicated their lives for our freedom.

Veterans Day at Framingham-Natick Jewish CemeteryThe class had an opportunity to replace old and worn American flags at the graves of Jewish war vets who served in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. The class also stopped by for a tribute to all veterans at the Jewish War Veterans War Memorial on the cemetery as well as a visit to the two Holocaust memorials on this historic cemetery.

If your synagogue has an interest in participating in a JCAM Cemeteries Are for the Living educational program, please contact Lisa Berenson at 617-244-6509 or email: lisaberenson@jcam.org. She is JCAM's director of Educational Programming and Development. Cemeteries Are for the Living educational tours are offered in spring and fall to synagogue youth, parents and adult education groups.

Group from Holliston

Placing Flag in Honor of Jewish War Veterans

Placing Flag in Honor of Jewish War Veterans



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