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November, 2006

Cemeteries Are for the Living

Mohliver Cemetery on Baker St., West Roxbury


CJP's Tzedekah Friends & Family group visit the Mohliver Cemetery on Baker Street in West Roxbury for a "Cemeteries Are For The Living" educational tour and tzedekeh project. Shown here, inside the Mohliver cemetery chapel with JCAM's representative Lisa Berenson, the group of around 14 met to learn, have fun, and share their own family histories.


Youngsters and their parents, equipped with goggles and scrapers, worked hard at prepping a section of the perimeter fence of the cemetery to be painted in the spring as part of their "mitzvah" work.


CJP's Senior Development Officer, Sami Sinclair worked with JCAM in coordinating and implementing a successful program for the group.

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Photos from November event at Mohliver Cemetery, West Roxbury