About JCAM Information
About JCAM Information

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Director of Cemetery Management
Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts

Contact: jcam-office@jcam.org


Background and Mission 

Founded in 1984, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts originally cared for 17 cemeteries, including five which were abandoned. Now JCAM owns or manages 123 Jewish cemeteries (out of 222 independent Jewish cemeteries in the state). As such, JCAM cares for more than half of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. Caretakers of the history of Jewish communities throughout Massachusetts, JCAM continually strives to find better methods of providing the highest standard of care and maintenance of Massachusetts Jewish cemeteries and their records. With the support of an enlightened community, JCAM is devoted to restoring and preserving Massachusetts Jewish cemeteries in perpetuity. 

JCAM functions as a Jewish cemetery association for the Jewish communities of Massachusetts to honor the dead in accordance with Jewish religious practices, traditions, and beliefs. Further, JCAM provides for: 

Position Description

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts seeks a Director of Cemetery Management to:

Position Details

Specifically, the Director of Cemetery Management will oversee the restoration, repair and maintenance of:

Candidate Background

The successful candidate will have: 


Salary commensurate with experience, use of company truck, paid vacation, sick time, holidays (legal and Jewish holidays), health/dental insurance, employer matching 401k package

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