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Second JCAM Annual Report Is Available

First JCAM Annual Report

JCAM's second Annual Report now is available. It summarizes accomplishments in fiscal year 2015 into 2016.

Click here to download the report in PDF!


REDEDICATION\Malden Cemetery

“Chesed Shel Emet…”
The Greatest Mitzvah

I am reminded of the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden that opened its gates to indigent Jews in need of burial assistance beginning in 1851. Today, the cemetery is full but the longstanding Jewish tradition to provide one of the greatest mitzvahs remains.

There are many impoverished Jews throughout Massachusetts in nursing homes, hospitals, even prisons. Additionally, there is the Holocaust survivor population of which some have no funds and no family at all for a proper Jewish burial.

JCAM administers an indigent burial fund through the generosity of the William P. Goldberg & Bros. Foundation that provides funeral/burial support for Jewish families in need.

The fund is limited and is only available for JCAM cemeteries. I want to make you aware that should there be a need, please contact me and I will ensure impoverished Jews in our area have the dignity they deserve of a final resting place on a designated JCAM cemetery.

Stan Kaplan
Executive Director

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